Knowledge about treating the drilling waste of OBM and WBM

In this article, we introduce how to choose the drilling waste management equipments for treating the drilling waste of OBM and WBM.


Now for the drilling mud used in the Oil & Gas industry, there are mainly 3 kinds of drilling mud, they are the Water-based mud (shorted as WBM), Oil-based mud (shorted as OBM), Synthetic-based mud (shorted as SBM). As they have different physical property, in order to get the better treatment effect and avoid the machine block in the process, correspondently choose the proper machine is necessary.


For the drilling wastes with different physical property, GN has the corresponding equipment:


  1. For the OBM drilling waste, GN’s Vertical Cuttings Dryer can be the best choice.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer

By the high centrifugal force in high speed rotation, the oil content in the OBM drilling waste can be highly reduced and further dryer waste can be achieved;


GN’s vertical cutting dryer: 30~50 tons’ treatment capacity per hour, drying efficiency is OOC≤5%. Rated speed and Variable speed models for choice;


2.For the WBM drilling waste, GN’s High-G shaker can be the best choice.


By the high vibration strength occurred by the vibration motor, the water content in the WBM waste can be highly reduced and further dryer waste can be achieved.


Besides, by adjusting the eccentric wheels on the motor, the G-force can be adjusted and the shaker can also be used in the “solid control process”.


GN’s high-G shaker are equipped with the Italy Oli brand motor which has the longer life and more reliable work performance.

3.In transferring the drilling waste, GN’s screw conveyor can be the best helper.


Screw conveyors are widely used for transferring the drilling waste to the machine or collection boxes. All GN’s screw conveyors are modularized, it is convenient for the disassembling and transportation.


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GN Solids Control: Successfully Attending the “2016 OTC Exhibition” In Houston On This Week

OTC Exhibition, as 1 of the most famous exhibition in the Oil & Gas Industry, each year attracts thousands of companies, traffickers and customers to attend it.


On May 2-5, “2016 OTC Exhibition” was successfully held in the Houston city of USA. Compared with last year, though the whole oil industry is low that influenced by the low oil price, there were still thousands of people attending this global famous exhibition.


GN Solids Control, as the leading manufacture of “Solids Control Equipment & Drilling Waste Management” in the world, successfully attended this grand gathering. For GN this has already been the 4th time since 2012 year.


Compared with previous years, this year GN has 2 exhibition booths. One is as the main booth in the NRG Center, GN’s latest centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer and screens were showed here; Another one is in Arena and GN’s latest shaker and shaker screens were showed.


During the exhibition, GN has gotten high attention from the global customers, hundreds people visited GN’s booths and learn about GN’s products. Facing the low oil price, all the drilling companies, oilfield service companies have to choose more competitive suppliers that whose products have good quality and competitive price.


GN has been only focus on researching & manufacturing the “solids control equipment & drilling waste management” almost 10 years. Compared with competitors, GN has the most complete product catogries.

And in the past 10 years, GN’s products with “Good quality & Rational Price” have already been tested by the market.

Besides, GN is the China & USA based manufacture. GN has the branch companies in Houston, many equipments and spare parts are in stock in its warehouse, this provides big convenience for the sales and after-sales service work.


Good quality, competitive price, branch company in USA and well-deserved reputation, that is why GN could get high attention from hundreds of customers at the exhibition and are becoming more and more popular in North America Market.


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GN Solids Control: The Features of GN’s Shale Shaker (2)

The Shale Shaker, as same as the Vertical Dryer and Centrifuge, they are all the core and advantageous products of GN Solids Control compared with the competitors.


In this article, we will go on to talk the features of shale shaker manufactured by GN Solids Control.


Shale Shaker of GN Solids Control

  • From the vibration Mode, all of GN’s Shale Shakers are Linear Motion. it means when the drilling mud or drilling waste goes into the shaker, under the force of vibration motor, along 1 line it will move from back to front on the screens and come true the separation function;


  • From the treatment capacity, GN has the shakers with big capacity or small capacity for different customers to choose, like


2.1) Model GNZS752E — Treatment Capacity 200GPM;

2.2) Model GNZS703E — Treatment Capacity 528GPM;

2.3) Model GNZS594E — Treatment Capacity 616GPM;


  • From the Feeding type, according to its application field, GN has some different feeders for customer selection, like the Box Feeder / Weir Feeder / Hopper Feeder;



  • The Shake deck is adjustable. To adjust the treatment speed and treatment effect in some small range, by adjusting the shake deck’s angle could meet. According to the different models of GN’s shakers, the deck angle could be adjusted from -1°~ 5°.


  • The patent design of rubber sealing between the shaker deck and shaker screens. When the shaker works, it could effectively avoid the leakage of mud from the clearance of shaker deck and shaker screens;


  • The whole shaker deck is strengthened by through high temperature heat treatment to guarantee its steady work performance;


  • According to the customers’ actual application fields, the Explosion-proof standard could be ExdIIBt4 / IECEX / A-TEX.


  • All the electrical components adopt the world-famous brands’ to guarantee the stable work performance, such as the SIEMENS, ABB, SCHNEIDER, etc.


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