GN solids control American changing diamond designed screens

Drilling fluid shale shaker screen is an important component of the solid particles in liquid filtration, is all sorts of disposable parts often need to change in the well drilling project.

Due to the drilling fluid is corrosive, and need to filter solid particles, using over time can cause wear and tear, normally shale shaker screen materials are made of stainless steel and heat treatment technology of steel wire. Auxiliary support structure made of steel plate, galvanized sheet and other materials.
With the continuous development of science and technology, in order to improve the filtering effect of screen mesh, diamond shape screen mesh was developed. It is from the flat screen to improve and upgrade, began in the mid – 1990 – s.
Diamond-shaped mesh screen mesh for common crochet net and orifice plate bonding has absolute advantage, but it will not change based on the vibrating screen structure size, and frequency and the vibration force of the vibrator will not change.

The advantage of diamond vibrating screen mesh is broken the limitation of the traditional flat screen, due to the unique wavy screen, not only to improve its service life by, and increased the filter plate filter area, increase the filter area of filter plate.
When drilling fluid flows to the surface of a mesh screen, solid phase flow ripple trough, vertical plane can provide more drilling fluid filter area, so compared to flat screen, wave screen through capacity and throughput than orifice plate bonding screen and other flat screen large 30% ~ 40%, and the diamond mesh also added the retention period of drilling fluid on the screen, has better screening effect.
Designed.the GN solids control of main products in addition to the drilling fluid shale shaker screen, can also provide solids control system and drilling waste disposal equipment, such as decanter centrifuge, drilling fluid shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud tank, vacuum degasser, shear pumps, mud agitator etc.

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