Hydro cyclone separator: mud cleaner, desander and desilter

There are different type and sizes of Hydro cyclone separator used for oil and gas drilling field. It is also widely used for soil purifications. It is the 2nd and 3rd stage separation system in mud cleaning systems.

Per the different sizes of hydro cyclone, we call it desander or desiter. Desander separator is with big hydro cyclone to remove bigger size solids. Normally, when the cone size if bigger than 8 inch, we call it desander separator. Like 20 inch, 16inch big size, they are normally used for micron tunneling and piping projects for coarse solids. While 10 inch is popular for oil and gas drilling mud system, HDD, water well drilling mud recovery system and desanding plants.


For cones smaller than 8 inch, we call it desilter, like 6 inch, 4 inch and 2 inch. 4 inch is the most popular for oil and gas drilling, while 2 inch is normally used for soil purification or drilling waste management to remove small size particles.

Desander cone and desilter cone can be used separately or combined together in a system. As hydro cyclone is not D100 separation device, there normally will be a under flow shale shaker for further separation.

Different models of Hydro cyclone separator from worldwide leading brand: GN Solids Control

1) Mud cleaner separator models available with shale shaker. GNZS703 3-panel shaker and GNZS594 4-panel shale shaker are both available.

GNZJ703E-D1S8N with capacity 120m3/h(528GPM)

GNZJ703E-2S12N with capacity 240m3/h(1056GPM)

GNZJ594E-2S12N with capacity 240m3/h(1056GPM)

GNZJ703E-3S16N with capacity 360m3/h(1584GPM)

GNZJ594E-3S16N with capacity 360m3/h(1584GPM)

2) Desander separator models available without shale shaker.

GNZJ752E-1S/2S with capacity 120/240m3/h

GNZJ703E-D2S with capacity 240m3/h (1056GPM)

GNZJ703E-3S with capacity 360m3/h(1584GPM)

GNWSE-2S/3S with capacity 240/360m3/h

3) Desilter separator models available without shale shaker.

GNZJ752E-8N/12N with capacity 120m3/h(528GPM) / 240m3/h(1056GPM)

GNZJ703E-D8N/D12N with capacity 120m3/h(528GPM) / 240m3/h(1056GPM)

GNZJ703E-16N with capacity 360m3/h (1584GPM)

GNWSE-12N/16N with capacity 240/360m3/h



GN Solids America LLC’s large treating capacity decanter centrifuge

GN Solids America LLC manufactures the decanter centrifuge in various sizes to meet the demand of the liquid-solids separation.  For demand on solids-water separation, the projects tend to choose high RPM decanter centrifuge but the treating capacity is small.  Most drilling projects are tend to achieve both acceptable solids-water separation and treating capacity at the same time and tend to choosing mid-size bowl such as 14 inches and 18 inches.  Of course some project demand on more treating capacity then solids-water separation and it will choose bowl size of 22 inches to meet the project need.  GN Solids America’s GNLW553C-VFD is to meet the demand of treating capacity while perform reasonable solids-water separation.

waste centriufge

VFD stands for variable frequency drive. It means GNLW553C-VFD is come with control panel that can adjust RPM of bowl spinning to met various water condition that contain various types of solids that needs to be separate from the water.  The purpose can be performs solids recovery or reuse of water.      It has been applied for various industries, for example drilling waste management system, dredging slurry separation system, dewatering unit for TBM waste water treatment, industry waste water treatment, mining tails treatment, oil sludge waste treatment, even solids control system. It is the biggest model we have right now, drives by VFD control panel, and the bowl size is 22inch bowl diameter by 71 inch bowl length.

The point to have big bowl design decanter centrifuge is to have more treating capacity on the solids-water separation project and it is difficult to build big bowl decanter centrifuge that also can have enough RPM spinning speed to do separation due to the weight and the balance of the bowl while spinning in high RPM.  GNLW553C-VFD can be use as stand-alone unit and also can linked with other solids control machinery to become a part of mud cleaning system.