GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer working in West Africa

GN Solids Control is the leading brand of solids control and drilling waste management based in Beijing, China and Houston, US. In order to deep the market, GN always invest in new product research, production management, quality control, customer experience and after sales service. With many years hard work, GN people open the market and export large quantity of solids control equipment to overseas market.  I am in Charge of Africa market, and I will write to focus on North Africa and West Africa market. South Africa only have diamond, and very few oil drilling company active there.


The North Africa countries active in oil drilling including Egypt, Algeria. Libya have lots of oil reserve, but the government is not stable and situation is suitable for stable business development. This is really great pity for our company. Tunis is only big in area, really not active in oil drilling activity. I don’t know why. Let’s talk about Egypt and Algeria market. We just signed registration with Egypt largest drilling company, and if the product is qualified, we will support them in next years. We hope so. In Algeria, it is really hard market even the oil drilling activity is good there. Every purchase process need tender.


The West Africa top oil country is Nigeria. We have export over 2million dollar equipment to Nigeria in the past 2 years. And one drilling company have bought 3 sets vertical cuttings dryer for drilling waste management and 10 sets of decanter centrifuge for solids control. All the equipment have been working for over 2 years and the client is satisfied with the working performance. We hope the world crude oil price will go up to 80 dollars, and our business will also come up soon. Other West Africa countries, we have a few clients.


So, as a oil equipment supplier, we rely on Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria in a large degree. Hope the business will restore very soon. Best regards.